The drawing called Waiting shows the model shifting in various positions as the weight of the baby gets uncomfortable.

This drawing won Best in the Show Award.

Art was a good distraction when I went into labour. The only thing that would take my mind off the contractions while I waited for a lift to the hospital was to draw - it was a floral arrangement, I never finished.

Breastfeeding was an equally amazing experience, as was raising two children into adulthood.


My first full-term pregnancy was such a profound, life-changing experience that I couldn’t ignore expressing how I felt through art.

I also couldn’t resist drawing my bulging body while I had the opportunity, I find it such a beautiful shape.

The human body is amazing!

9 Artworks

Waiting 2005  Charcoal  80x50cm

Best in Show Award - Baw Baw Annual Art Show Yarragon

Waiting 2, Charcoal on cartridge 80x70cm

Pregnant Drawings 1 - 3

Water soluable crayon on parchment 80x60cm

Bulge Obsession

Charcoal and pastel on grey paper 70x50cm

Pulled in Each Direction

Charcoal on Lana 70x40cm

Carolyn feeding Jason, Oil on canvas 90x60cm

Private Collection

Study for Carolyn, Charcoal 70x50cm