During 1988 and 1989 I was fortunate to gain entry to lessons in the Healesville studio of Merv Moriarty to learn about drawing and painting from the figure. Entry was by interview. Classes consisted of drawing from the model in the morning, a break for lunch then painting from the model in the afternoon. What a treat!

25 Artworks  

Painting Drawing Printmaking Sculpture

Seated Figure 2, Oil on canvas 75x60cm

Private Collection

Reclining Figure, Oil on linen 60x45cm

Beach Group, Oil on linen 75x90cm

Studio, Oil on linen 60x75cm

Private Collection

Seated Figure 1, Oil on canvas 75x60cm

Private Collection

Life Study 1, Oil on canvas 90x75cm

Figure Landscape, Oil on canvas 110x90cm

Private Collection

Reclining Figure 1, Oil on canvas 110x90cm

Finalist Churchie Award Brisbane QLD 1989

Private Collection QLD

Reclining Figure 2, Oil on canvas 110x90cm

Reclining Figure Red & Green, Oil on canvas 90x75cm

Figure with Screen, Oil on linen 100x90cm

Solitude, Oil on canvas 100x50cm

Private Collection

Patchwork 1, Watercolour 30x18cm

Private Collection

Patchwork 3, Watercolour 18x30cm

Private Collection

Misha 1, Charcoal on board 90x50cm

Misha 2, Charcoal on board 90x50cm

Leaha 2, Charcoal on Lana 70x60cm

Line Study, Charcoal on butchers paper 85x70cm

Like many artists I have done hundreds of Life Study drawings over the years. It is a great way to exercise hand/eye coordination and to experiment with different ways of exploring form.

It is an essential to art practice in my opinion.

These are a small selection.

Leaning Figure, Oil on linen 35x28cm

Patchwork 2, Watercolour 18x30cm

Private Collection

Seated Figure, Watercolour 30x18cm

Private Collection

Life study 5, Charcoal 45x90cm

At Rest, Ink & Wash 80x60cm

Drawn with a feather

Private Collection

Rising Figure, Etching Triptych 3x30x15cm

Rising Figure, 3-sided terracotta vessel with coloured slip 45x20x20cm

Embrace 1, Sugar-fired burnished stoneware 30x15x15cm

Embrace, Lithograph on Rice paper 70x50cm

Embrace 2, Carved sandstone 60x20x20cm