Introduction to Design, Not all is black & white.



May 15 2021

The third workshop was about design, we ran some drawing exercises and talked about the simplification of imagery that had to be applied when creating our designs for the corten steel panels. Like the other workshops this workshop was environment-oriented but included information about the Golden Ratio, and Fibonacci sequence and how they related to patterns in nature and the origins of design. This day included a talk about the steel laser cutting process by local engineer Jon Volta and Janine was also given a tour of the Four Brothers Rock Formation in Bunyip State Forest by locals.

ABOVE: Design Workshop Tonimbuk Hall Photo: Sue Jarvis

BELOW: Four Brothers site visit, Photo: David McMahon

Photo: Sue Jarvis

Photo: Sue Jarvis

Photo: Sue Jarvis Local engineer Jon Volta gives a talk about Corten Steel Laser cutting process.

The afternoon is spent getting community feedback about potential content for the Panel Designs.

Feedback from some participants of these workshops is that they now see the world in a different way, that it is not just about appearance but there are so many other factors - this was my aim, a satisfying result!


These are the designs that evolved from community consultation and sharing of stories.

6 panels  Pastel & Charcoal on board

120x60cm each, including Tasmanian Oak Frames.

Designs created for Corten Steel Laser-cut panels  installed at Cannibal Creek Reserve in July 2022.  

State Government Bushfire Recovery Project for the communitiesof Cardinia Shire impacted by the Bunyip State Forest Complex fires in March 2019.