13 Artworks

Childhood is a place of exploring and discovery,

uncertainty and insecurity,

games and adventures.

Childhood should be innocent and unburdened,

but it isn’t always.

Suburban Ghosts, Oil on canvas 51x101cm

Needing Space to Think, Acrylic on board 57x96cm

Nomophobia Family Outing, Acrylic on canvas 101x101cm

Hidden Faces, submitted to 2018 Sulman Prize

Nature Study, Oil on canvas 91x101cm

Heart Link, Oil on linen 25x30cm

Special Friend, Oil on canvas 61x61cm

Young Friends, Oil on canvas 41x36cm

Tread Carefully, Graphite and charcoal on board 90x43cm

Private Collection

Ripe For Picking, Compressed Charcoal & pastel 60x44cm

Charlotte & Friends, Oil on linen 60x44cm

Curious by Nature, Pastel on Lana 61x82cm

Nature Girl, Oil on linen 36x31cm

Siblings, Acrylic on stained canvas Diptych 101x102cm