Cardinia Shire Community Project

Celebrating Australia’s Multicultural history

20 Portraits


20 Acrylic Portraits on canvas 46x46cm each

and Video by Janine Good © 2017

 Changing Faces is a symbolic portrayal of Australia’s Cultural Diversity.

The nations represented in this series of painted portraits include: Australian Gunai Kurnai, Afghanistan, Britain, China, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Italy, Lebanon, Myanmar, Netherlands, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, Russia, South Sudan, Syria, Thailand.

Thank you to Terrylene (RIP), Kenneth, Adaw, Adriaan, Aref, Chézahn, David, Elise, Eptesam, Gabriel, Laquon, Mamta & Verma, Murray, Nataly, Phakkamon, Regina, Rocky, Shahnaz and Van for being participants in the project.

The aim of this exhibition is to encourage social cohesion and seeks to prove that our differences are fewer than our similarities. At the heart of this work is the belief that if we embrace a society with foundations based on respect and tolerance to maintain peace and harmony, then we are better equipped to face the challenges of the future.


~ Pakenham Library, Henry St Pakenham

May 2020 (exhibition closed early due to covid)

~ Whitehorse Artspace, Whitehorse Rd Box Hill

Feb 9 - April 6 2018

~ Doveton Library, Autumn Pl Doveton, VIC 3177

Nov 23 2017 - Feb 9 2018

~ Warragul Library, Victoria St, Warragul VIC 3820

Aug 16 - Oct 3 2017

~ Heritage Hill Artspace, Dandenong VIC 3175

15 June - 7 July 2017

~ Pakenham Art Show Guest Artist, Pakenham Library

May 26 - 28 2017

~ Living Learning Pakenham, Henry St Pakenham   

March 21 - May 9 2017 Exhibition

May 2 2017 Opening Celebration

March 21 2017 Harmony Day

Short Video ‘All Australian’ Mp4 (1min)