My first full-term pregnancy in 1990 was such a profound, life-changing experience that I couldn’t ignore expressing how I felt about it with art. I also couldn’t resist drawing my bulging body while I had the opportunity.

I had been fortunate to draw pregnant bodies before in Life Drawing and it is such a beautiful shape.

In 1998 the regular Life model at University became pregnant and didn’t mind modelling until she was very close to delivering. This was another great opportunity to record this miracle of life forming within a body.

The drawing called Waiting 1998 shows the model shifting in various positions as the weight of the baby gets uncomfortable. I won an award of Best in the Show for this drawing.

I found art a good distraction when I finally went into labour. The only thing that would take my mind off the contractions while I waited for a lift to the hospital was to draw - it was a Still Life of something insignificant, I never finished!

Breastfeeding was an equally amazing experience and I fed both of my children for as long as I could, about a year or more.