ShyRobyn had been using my studio to rehearse and instead of vacating I decided to utilise the energy of the band to inspire my paintings - at first working on Studio paintings inspired by photos of the band. Then decided to make studies of the band in action during rehearsal.

After we were asked to perform in public things got a bit more serious and I produced an acrylic painting ‘Rehearsal’ then 6 more Practice studies trying to instil the energy of the music into the artworks during separate rehearsal sessions.

This was invaluable practice forcing decisions regarding composition, technique and colour to be made spontaneously.


eMOTION - Performance Art meets Music

In 2012 Sue Kiernan dreamt up the ‘eMotion meets eArt’ Project held at the Yarragon Arts Hub gallery during the Creative Gippsland Festival. We (myself and ShyRobyn, band my son was drummer for) were asked if we’d perform in public what I’d been practicing in my Studio.

On the day of the performance the gallery was ‘blacked out with drapes and carpet was brought in along with PA and lights and a stand for the drumkit. We wanted to replicate to some degree what we’d been experiencing in Melbourne music venues for the Warragul audience. (Perhaps the carpet wasn’t sticky enough!)

The public performance ‘eMotion meets eArt’ was successful and engaged about 60 local people who came mostly to enjoy the band but were intrigued by the emergence of a painting during the hour long performance. (I also did have some fans come along to watch the painting demo!)

The painting wasn’t the best thing I’ve done but ‘it is what it is’ as they say! Painting ‘live’ always produces a work with spontaneous energy.  It was a nerve-wracking experience but invigorating too. Sadly it was the last performance by ShyRobyn and probably not their favourite gig but I will forever be grateful for their generosity of allowing me into their world of music at that time in their lives.


Thanks to Bones Mackinnon for photographing the event.

Thanks also to William PJ Kulich founder of Warragul Citizen newspaper (now BawBaw Citizen)who reported on the event and also took awesome photos.

Thanks to Sue Kiernan  for dreaming up the project, hosting and promoting the event  and Baw Baw Arts Alliance for providing the venue.

For more about this project go to     2012 eMOTION

2012 eMOTION
Exhibition Award