Blue Girl, 2014, Acrylic on canvas 101x125cm.

Included in Uncomfortable Terrain exhibition Montsalvat Long Gallery 2014


Melancholy Beach, 2017 Oil on canvas 101x125cm (SOLD)

Exhibited at Arc Yinnar Gallery Summer Sizzler Exhibition 2017

Facing the Storm (Julia) 2018

Oil on canvas 60x45cm

I had wanted to explore the idea of using bright colour for a sombre theme similar to how Country Music often combines depressing lyrics with bright sounding music. I was never completely happy with Blue Girl so I decided to rework it using Oil paint.  

In hindsight I probably should have started a new canvas!

I also wanted to use more lively paint on the face so that meant bringing more colour into the background and made the decision to open up the landscape behind enabling me to carry some of the line-work of the figure’s hair across the composition.


But in the end I decided that it didn’t work for me - that the foreground figure was too dominant so I removed her,  inserting 2 new figures and adding some dunes. Much happier with the result.

I was still intrigued by the figure’s expression so I repainted Julia on a separate canvas.

“Have no fear of perfection, you’ll never reach it”     _Salvador Dali