Surrealism is probably the first genre of art that captured my imagination as a teenager and I have found it a useful theme for exploring concepts and ideas.

These are usually isolated paintings of an idea not a series of works.

13 Artworks

Face of Light, Oil & Acrylic on canvas, 90x120

Face of Light, Oil & Acrylic on canvas, Detail

Rabbit Chiller Ghost, Pastel on rag paper 43x65cm

Private Collection

Rock Specimens, Pastel on Lana 50x40cm

Tangerine Moon, Oil on canvas, 157x122cm

Ripe For Picking,

Compressed Charcoal & Pastel on Ingres paper 80x57cm

Absence Makes the Heart

Collagraph on Fabriano 30x45cm

Finalist Mornington Works On Paper

Entwined, Pencil and pen 15x10cm

Moonlight Whispers

Oil on canvas 102x102cm

Venus Study

Charcoal on butchers paper 42x42cm

More Ancient Than Time

Acrylic on canvas Diptych 152x92cm

Musical Conversation 1

Charcoal on butchers paper 50x35cm

Musical Conversation 2

Charcoal on butchers paper 50x35cm

Musical Conversation 3

Charcoal on butchers paper 50x35cm

Red Right Hand 2012

Acrylic & charcoal on board 102x82cm

This drawing was a collaboration between myself and photographer Nathan Milner.

He had taken these photos expressing mental health issues of anxiety and depression and thought they’d be more expressive as an artwork so I decided to give it a go. Initially it was going to be in black and white but I used the red to enhance the claustrophobic feeling of the emotional state. Originally called Self Loathing I changed it to Red Right Hand after the Nick Cave song - in the drawing it’s as though the red right hand is pulling tighter and tighter gripping the person in anguish.