Menu Damien Kingsbury 1 Portrait

Damien’s World  2017  Oil on canvas 101x101cm

Portrait of Prof Damien Kingsbury

2017 Archibald entry Hidden Faces Salon des Refuses 2017

‘Immersed’ 2018 Oil on canvas 102x102cm

Portrait of artist (Bill) William Young  

2018 Archibald entry Hidden Faces Salon des Refuses 2018

Bill Young Portrait Carolyn Crossley Portrait

Carolyn Crossley 2020 Acrylic on canvas 125x110cm

2020 Archibald entry Hidden Faces Salon des Refuses (online due to covid)

Private Collection QLD


Recently ‘The Portrait’ has become more prominent in my art practice even though it has been of interest since the very beginning. I have painted more than 45 portraits, and each one has its challenges, some more than others.

My aim: to capture something of the character or soul of the sitter, to say something about a deeper part of them and in doing so reflecting on an aspect  of human nature.

4 Archibald Prize submissions, unsuccessful at AGNSW but selected for the Victorian Salon des Refuses, HIDDEN FACES exhibitions.

‘A Day in the Life’ 2019 Oil on canvas 101x101cm

2nd Portrait of Professor Damien Kingsbury

2019 Archibald entry for Hidden Faces Salon des Refuses

Damien Kingsbury 2 Portrait

Although unsuccessful I like that entering the Archibald encourages you to try different approaches because it is known for controversy.  I struggle with the ‘shock for shock’s sake’ approach but it’s good to push yourself to enter because it’s quite an expensive undertaking to even find a sitter, then trying to paint something worthy!

Oh yeah, and then there’s the shipping to Sydney and back, only to have it viewed for possibly a few seconds before being rejected. The Salon des Refuses is an encouraging consolation!

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