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inspiring in so many ways

19 Artworks, 11 sketches, 10 photographs

Kata Tjuta Dawn, Pastel and acrylic on board 37x37cm

Distant Uluru, Oil on canvas 82x96cm

Watercolour Sketchbook and Diary  Pages from Yulara in Central Australia

February 2017 we flew to Yulara in Central Australia to spend 3 days with a group of friends to celebrate a wedding between our Aussie friend and her Brit partner, who generously decided to share the trip with friends and relatives.

It was a busy 3 days of getting up at 5am to witness sunrises at Uluru and Kata Tjuta, also visited Field of Lights.

The desert is a magic place!

Of course I had to fit in some drawing time…

View and notes from the air

First trip to the Heart of Australia

In 1989 a trip to Flinders Ranges South Australia spontaneously ended up extending northward up the Oodnadatta Track to Central Australia. Places visited included, Standley Chasm, Redbank, Ellery Creek Big Hole to the west of Alice Springs and N’Dhala Gorge to the east and also Uluru, Kata Tjuta, Kings Canyon. This was the first trip dedicated to producing artworks so the car was stacked with art materials.

19 Artworks

Red Rock Sunrise, Oil pastel & Gouache 22x30cm

N’Dhala Sunrise, Oil on canvas 90x110cm

N’Dhala Sunset, Oil on canvas 75x90cm

Redbank Sunset, Oil pastel & Gouache 20x30cm

Painting the desert in 1989 - Redbank NT

Kata Tjuta, Acrylic on canvas 75x75cm

Kata Tjuta Tiptych, Oil pastel & Gouache 22x80cm

Private Collection

All Night Bus Melbourne to Brisbane

Later the same year I travelled to Queensland on an all-night bus to deliver my Finalist painting to the Churchie Grammar Emerging Artist Award.

The sketches drawn on this bus trip inspired Colour & Meditation 1989 an exhibition at Roar 2 Gallery in Fitzroy. I was struck by the desolate landscape through inland NSW and heat mirage. They are included in the selection on this page.

The influence of these trips has remained for years.

5 Artworks

Standley Chasm,

Pastel on Ingres paper 35x20cm

Private Collection

More Ancient Than Time,

Oil & Acrylic on canvas Diptych 152x90cm

Venus Study in Red, Acrylic on board 42x42cm

Rolling Clouds, Oil on canvas 75x90cm

Knox City Collection

The Streak, Oil on canvas 60x60cm

Hill with Cloud, Oil on canvas 75x90cm

Receding Clouds with Heat Haze, Oil on canvas 100x90cm

Painting the desert in 1989 - Arkaroola SA

Painting of the desert in 1989 - Arkaroola

This painting was blown into sand and speared by a stick while travelling, I think it was cursed, maybe a sacred site? This is the half I salvaged for colour reference only.

Redbank Hillside, Oil pastel & Gouache 30x20cm

Private Collection UK

Tree & Cloud Rhythm, Pastel on Ingres 20x16cm

Road to Kata Tjuta, Oil on canvas 75x90cm

Private Collection