Uncomfortable Terrain  Exhibition - Montslavat Long Gallery, Eltham.

Shared exhibition Sue Jarvis - Geoff Harrison - Janine Good

We each explore the rich colour and play of light peculiar to the Australian landscape but also challenge the notion of ‘pretty or nice’ landscape. There is an edge that is not entirely comfortable.

 For Sue ‘change’ is the significant aspect, she alerts us to the temporary or transitional change in the landscape that is often covered up out of sight.

Geoff explores the dynamic between beauty and loneliness, isolation and serenity in his intentionally featureless landscapes that contain tensions like the calm before a storm.


Janine’s  work is set in the harsh Australian light and open space of a melancholy beach that provides a stage for human interaction and questions are we participant or intruder in this landscape?

Janine’s works are dedicated to a friend – Rod Taylor who passed from this life in 2009, taken by cancer. Rod spent his final years at a remote sheltered bay on the south-eastern coast of NSW, a place he found solace and where his ashes were cast into the wind and ocean.

There is a sense of melancholy in these works but I think the worn and resilient landscape shows there is both decay and renewal so it is also a celebration of life.

So the sad event of losing a friend inspired a series of works I call ‘Lost and Found’, a series about love and loss.

Rod was an artist/musician with had a wicked sense of humour so I think he would appreciate what his beach memorial has inspired … I hope so.