Swing 2006 Oil on canvas 25x30cm

At the time I painted this in 2006 I was more concerned with the way paint was applied rather than the image.

To me this portrait had always seemed like a caricature rather than a portrait. I decided to rework it more than a decade later trying for a more satisfying result and applying what I’d learnt over a decade.

This was always meant to be the first of three parts with each part contributing the overall theme of apprehension at the start, surrender to the fear for the second and then total joy for the third part of experiencing the swing.

Uncertain (Swing) -  2018 Oil on canvas 25x30cm

This recent reworking of an early work shows I now have a much better understanding of colour and tone.

I felt that a smoother application of paint would better suit the mood for a young child.

I still intend on adding part 2 and part 3 to this portrait.