End of an Era 2, 2003

Charcoal on arches paper 61x82cm

Inquisitive By Nature, 2003

Conte pastel on arches paper 61x82cm


Themes Back

Red Right Hand 2012

Acrylic & charcoal on board 102x82cm

These first two drawings are a response to moving to Drouin. Our property was surrounded by cows initially but this was to change quite quickly as the suburbs have continued to encroach on this fertile farming land.

The first End of an Era 2 is a tribute to our friendly dairy farming neighbour Jill Phillips who not only welcomed us into the district but showed great affection for their cows. In the background top left of the drawing there are FOR SALE signs as developers subdivide land for housing.

The second is a portrait of my son aged 8 as he adapts to a more rural lifestyle. All 3 in the drawing are inquisitive by nature. The chicken is inquisitive about my son, my son is inquisitive about the chicken, the cow is inquisitive about both and my son is protective of his chicken.

This drawing was a collaboration between myself and photographer Nathan Milner.

He had taken these photos expressing mental health issues of anxiety and depression and thought they’d be more expressive as an artwork so I decided to give it a go. Initially it was going to be in black and white but I used the red to enhance the claustrophobic feeling of the emotional state. Originally called Self Loathing I changed it to Red Right Hand after the Nick Cave song - in the drawing it’s as though the red right hand is pulling tighter and tighter gripping the person in anguish.