HIDDEN FACES - THE 2017 Victorian Salon des Refusés -

PAN PACIFIC MELBOURNE  August 28 - November 16 2017

Portrait of Professor Damien Kingsbury - Archibald Prize submission 2017

Showcasing the works of multi-talented Victorian Artists whose portraits were originally submitted for national portrait prizes and either not hung in ‘official’ exhibition or not shown in Melbourne.


Opening night images from Upfront Pictures



Despite the success of Hidden Faces, I was never happy with the end result and reworked the portrait on its return to my studio. I guess this is looked upon negatively by some but in the end I had to feel like I’d achieved what I’d set out to do.

This version of the portrait I call ‘Conversation with the Professor’.

My reasons for reworking were that I didn’t think the original version captured the sitter’s true character. Professor Kingsbury is a great thinker and very articulate talker and I wanted to capture him doing both - a challenge for any portrait! I admire this in him, he talks about serious issues and with great passion.  

I have given him a more serious look, turning the face slightly and have adjusted the background.