St Michael’s Archangel Prize & Exhibition (Finalist)

-St Michael’s Grammar, St Kilda


Rather than using text in the traditional form, relating to words, I utilize the scarred and imperfect surfaces of natural forms – bark, seeds, leaves, insects etc – to extract a kind of natural graffiti that I can assemble and instil with my own personal narrative and psychology. Removal from its original context in landscape allows the imagery to operate on multiple levels: offering a means of expressing psychological aspects of human interaction; subconsciously drawing attention to the environment, in particular the luminous colour of the Australian landscape;

while improvised multi-layering of imagery and paint provides creative originality.

This imagery excites me because of its relationship to language and semiotics.

Unspeakable Unspoken interprets the feeling of the dark knot that can grow within a person through hidden secrets in their life that they are unsure will be accepted, even by friends - controversial issues such as sexuality, abortion, addiction. But over time fragments of the information peel away as pieces of the secret are revealed, teasing the knot apart.

Other entry:

Crowded Conversation investigates the difficulty of communication in a crowded situation surrounded by noise and distraction. Threads of broken conversation are depicted using jagged line that fades in and out, thrusting in various directions.