FINALIST - 2008 John Leslie Prize for Painting inspired by Landscape

Gippsland Art Gallery Sale

Banksia Aura, mixed media on silver board 100x57cm

Statement about work: Banksia Aura

This work started as an aerial view of the typical landscape along the Gippsland Lakes region during drought conditions, featuring the sickly pinks, purples and green-golds of dried lake and river estuaries where salt remains

after water has drained from the earth.

But I wanted to explore more than just

a representational view of the landscape.

I began to recognise similarities between elements of the aerial imagery and elements within the landscape in these sandy areas predominated by gnarled Banksia trees and dry native grasses.

The work evolved into an amalgamation of both types of imagery, simultaneously describing close and distant elements.

By exploring the relationships between these elements through the medium of paint, a process of layering, scraping, scratching, repetitively covering then revealing, the work has taken on an aged and almost ancient quality that replicates the rugged, perpetually changing windswept characteristic of this coastal region.