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Exhibition Records  - 2011

Seeking Nectar - Triptych

Acrylic & Oil on 3 canvases,122 x 183 cm

Selected as Finalist

The Waterhouse Natural History Art Prize 2011 - SA Museum


Embedded in the scarred bark of living ancient eucalypt trees are intricate marks that translate centuries of historical change. Fragments of this bark have been assembled to create a surreal ‘landscape’ that captures the ancient rhythms of Australia’s landscape, animated by a simple narrative of a honeyeater seeking nectar.

Emotional Spaces 1

Oil pastel on cartridge paper, 60 x 80 cm

Selected as Finalist

St Michael’s Exhibition & Archangel Prize 2011

Theme: ‘Space and Place’


On a remote and beautiful beach friends gathered to share the casting of their friends’ ashes at his favorite fishing spot. I was struck by the strange scene that followed the ceremony where individuals trying to find a personal space to deal with their grief, spread across the vast open space that simultaneously seemed comforting and alienating. Although this place offered the luxury of space to isolate oneself, it somehow felt wrong, possibly too vast for the emotional space needed, a dark corner seeming more appropriate than a beach that was more often symbolic of fun, relaxation, and carefree social engagement.


Introductory Exhibition

works by

Janine Good

April 6 - 17 2011


188 High Street Prahran Vic 3181

Hours Wed-Sun 12-5


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