Artist Statement

“Art and Painting have been my life’s pursuit and passion of more than 4 decades.

A fascination for colour has prompted a journey of exploration through many diverse styles and variations both figurative and abstract. I have never ceased to be amazed by the illusion of creating an imaginary world on a 2-dimensional surface.

Through my explorations I have observed and interpreted:

intricacies of the natural world;

the vibrant energy, colour and movement of Melbourne’s grunge music industry;

rituals in ordinary life including life’s phases of birth, childhood, adulthood and death.

 I am passionate about Art because it enables me to reflect on and try to make sense of the world and how “we” - the human species - interact with it.

For many years I believed that I had to decide between figurative imagery and abstraction but now I am committed to both, driven by whatever imagery I feel passionate about. Ultimately my aim would be to have the two converge.

My influences have been many and varied: from the Heidelberg painters to the Angry Penguins; the Impressionists to Frida Kahlo and Helen Frankenthaler; Van Gogh to Fred Williams; Edward Hopper to William Kentridge. I love the themes and painterly works of Mandy Martin but also the looseness and surprise of Elisabeth Cummings.

I live in rural Gippsland with my musician partner amongst a wild rambling garden with some animal friends, including the diverse birdlife that freely visits.

Since 2006 to the present I have been painting instructor at the Pakenham Living Learning Community Centre, taking me away from my studio one day a week, enabling me to connect with community and share my knowledge and passion for Art.”


Janine Good 2022

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