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Shipwreck of Fools,

Acrylic & Oil on canvas,

122 x 61 cm

Purchased Private Collection

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Open Secret,

Acrylic & Oil on Canvas, 152 x 122 cm

Unspeakable Unspoken,

Acrylic & Oil on Canvas, 152 x 137 cm


Shortlisted St Michael’s Archangel Prize 2009

Theme - ‘Text and Context’


I utilize the scarred and imperfect surfaces of natural forms - bark, seeds, leaves, insects - to extract a kind of natural graffiti, a hidden semiotic language of the environment that I can assemble and instil with my own sense of colour, personal narrative and psychology.

Unspeakable Unspoken  interprets the feeling of the dark knot that can grow within a person when harbouring hidden secrets in their life that they are unsure will be accepted, even by family and friends - controversial issues such as sexuality, abortion, addiction. Over time fragments of the information peel away as the secret is revealed.


Acrylic & Oil on Canvas, 137 x 152 cm

Firefront Shortlisted ‘Emergence - Art on the Move’ Bushfire Recovery

Federation Square Atrium, Melbourne 2011

Statement: Firefront depicts a birds-eye view of the impenetrable barrier of fire sweeping across the landscape, driven by wind and creating a blanket of smoke. The various stages of the fire are shown simultaneously, from the force of the fire- front attack to the smouldering haze of days and weeks that followed, mapping changes to the landscape. The deep slash of colour cutting through the centre of the painting is derived from scarred bark of a living eucalypt tree that reminded me of the way fire cuts through the landscape. It seemed appropriate to use this imagery because of the regenerative strength trees have to recover, leaving scars as the only reminder.


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The Pull Of The Moon

Acrylic & Oil on linen,152 x 122 cm

Nature & Art

Irresistible Yearning,  Acrylic & oil on canvas, 1800 x 2400cm

SOLD - Private Collection

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Gravitational Pull,

Acrylic & Oil on canvas,

122 x 61 cm